Get to Gnome Me

Meet Mama Gnome 

Imagine starting a business from one casual suggestion, “why don’t you make gnomes?”

Founder and artisan designer, Janis Doherty, was feeling lost so she took the ‘out of the blue’ suggestion and bought her first block of clay in May 2021 and hasn’t looked back. “In that moment when my husband suggested that I make gnomes, I could have ignored it and walked away. In choosing to follow it, I’ve found more than just a purpose. Everyday I spread JOY one gnome at a time and I’ve lit a spark within me. I’m genuinely excited to work every day.”

From Gnugget, the 1 1/2” tall star of the show to Gnorbert, Gnigel, Gnewt, Gnestor, Gnuttin’, Ohm Gnome and the list goes on, every gnome has its own character and name. In addition to her regulars, Janis also makes custom clay gnomes by special order. These gnomes are unique to the request and have all had a very special reason. From 65th anniversary gnome couples to someone wanting a specific outfit, hat and beard on a gnome as a memory of a loved one, every custom gnome is an original handcrafted keepsake. 

At Gnome and Garden nothing goes to waste. Janis has a collection of “misgnomers”, which are gnomes with small flaws that don’t make the sales floor  These misfit gnomes are collected and donated to after school programs, social programs, seniors programs, and even fairy camps for people to paint. “Every gnome needs a home and every home needs a gnome, gnome matter what they look like.”  

Gnome and Garden gnomes are handmade, hand painted, sealed cement, original design, garden gnomes. “Just like a potato chip, I bet you can’t just have one of them!”

A pandemic hobby-turned-business of crafting miniature gnomes has allowed Janis Doherty to find peace and happiness...