Paint-a-Gnome Events

Let your inner gnome out!

Paint-a-Gnome events let you bring your gnome to life. Maybe you need a wizard gnome or a floral garden gnome or maybe just a cute lil’ gnome in pink pjs. There’s no rules when painting your own gnome. 

This 2 hour event includes your choice of gnome, from a pre selected list, all painting supplies, technique and guidance from Mama Gnome herself, and your gnome will go for a dip in the cement sealer to protect your work of art. 

Classes are $45/person with a minimum class size of 10 gnomies.
Contact me directly at if you’d like to host an event.



Have you ever painted your own cement garden gnome? Join me and my gnomies on Tuesday, APRIL 23 at Prairie Dog Brewing from 6:30pm - 9:00pm and paint your own gnome. Come early for dinner and drinks or enjoy your beverages while you paint.

Choose one of the following:
1) Gnorman with the floor length hat - 5" tall
2) Gnuttin, sitting back doing nuttin' - 5" tall
3) Ohm Gnome, tranquil in turquoise - 7" tall
4) 5 adorable Gnuggets - 1 1/2" tall
5) NEW - Gnubbin on a log - 7.5” tall

Be as creative as you want. Maybe the logo of your favorite team, a beach outfit, or even a wizardy hat. I've even seen pink onsies covered in hearts. The options are endless.

Your gnome will be dipped in a sealant when you're done to protect it from sun, water or gnome matter what weather it experiences.

NEW CLASS SIZE of 30 participants. Tickets are non-refundable. 






If you’d like to host your own event and just purchase the “Gnaked Gnomes”, all gnomes are available at 50% off the retail price listed on my website. PLEASE NOTE: These gnomes do not include the final cement sealant.